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From 1994-1996, Susanne Sims was the Environmental Editor for Honolulu Magazine, a columnist for Successful Meetings Magazine, contributing writer for Honolulu Weekly, Pacific Business News, Maui Inc., Island Home, and others.  She wrote and published How to Plan Meetings That Don't Cost the Earth,

an environmental handbook for

meeting and event planners.

Travel Tracks Hawaii

Co-creator and producer of this entertaining audio guide to Oahu’s favorite attractions.  Presented in a lively, radio-theatre format to help travelers discover the heart and soul of Hawaii.  Listen to sample tracks.

Conversations With Todd

Author of this amusing spiritual satire which tells the tale of two high school students who attempt to enroll God’s help with writing an important term paper.  This farce plays on best-seller and trilogy Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. 

New Earth Army.Com

Publicist for Jim Channon whose story was told in the major motion picture, “The Men Who Stare at Goats.”  Created website which provides the true account behind the film and details the

mission of the First Earth Battalion.  Product development and e-commerce. 

See Sims’ feature story in Ode Magazine.

Healing Vacations in Hawaii

Author of premiere holistic travel guide featuring the Big Island’s retreats, spas and practitioners. Covers Native Hawaiian medicine and treatments, lomilomi massage, sea water cleanses and alternative therapies.

Published by Watermark Publishing (2004)

Available at

Body Mind Spirit Travel Guides

Producer and publisher of this free guide that provides visitors with information on spas, yoga, massage, retreats, healthy food, cultural guides, eco-adventures

and well-being services

on Maui and the Big Island.

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